Monday, September 26, 2016

Jumbo Donut Pillow Crochet Pattern

Jumbo Donut Pillow:
-          Hook Size: I/9-5.50MM
-          Yarn Used: Red Heart 100% Acrylic Yarn
·         First Half (Icing):
1.      Chain 36, turn, sc in each st, beginning with second chain from hook (35)
§  sl st in first st to join, (use hdc for rest of project)
2.      Row 1: hdc in each st around (35)
3.      Row 2: hdc x4, inc, repeat (42)
4.      Row 3: hdc x2, inc, repeat (56)
5.      Row 4: hdc x3, inc, repeat (70)
6.      Row 5: hdc, inc, repeat (105)
7.      Row 6: hdc in each st (105)
8.      Row 7: hdc x6, inc, repeat (120)
9.      Row 8: hdc in each st (120)
10.  Row 9: hdc x11, inc, repeat (130)
11.  Row 10: hdc in each st (130)
12.  Row 11: hdc x12, inc, repeat (140)
13.  Row 12: hdc x13, inc, repeat (150)
14.  Row 13-15: hdc in each st (150)
§  Pull loop out so your work will not unravel. Do not cut.
15.  Sprinkles: Add lines or small chains of various colors to pillow at random, tying triple knots on back side to secure each sprinkle.
16.  Begin second half.
·         Second Half (Donut Base):
1.      Sl st second color yarn to center ring (wrong side face up) next to the little tail left from the initial foundation chain of the first ring.
2.      Tie a knot with the little tails from each color yarn and begin.
3.      Row 1: sc in each st around (35)
4.      Row 2-4: hdc in each st around (35)
5.      From here, repeat steps from first side of donut (beginning with Row 2) to complete second half.
6.      After completing your second half, sl st into next st, pull up a long loop, cut yarn and pull through to f/o. This creates a slip knot to secure your work.
·         Continuing Icing to join both halves:
1.      Joining: Hdc into each pair of stitches (one from each side/color) to join.
§  Add stuffing every 25 stitches.
2.      Wobbly Icing Edge (optional): Use any combination of sc, hdc, dc, & tc in each st along the edge, adding increases every few stitches as well.
§  The pattern I used was any stitch in the next 3 st, inc in 4th st using a random pairing of stitches (such as dc & tc), repeat).
3.      Sl st to fasten off, cut and pull yarn through pillow to hide tail.

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